ADDICTION: Get rid of it.



Child, Teenager, adults, oldies, almost everyone is restrained by his or her smartphone at a time. Either in a good way or another. Apart from all the advantages that this device holds, some serious problems need to be tackled before its too late. And i dont think these problems need to be discussed as they are well known to all of you. Health issues, social escape, psychological dependence ( yes, it is ), and what not, need to be corrected. 

Here are some tricks that i use often to reduce my on screen time-  

1) Use of app blocking apps, that dont let me enter app for a preset time period. 

2) Monitoring the on screen time daily, and trying to reduce it on a daily basis, even for a minute or two. 

3) Unistalling the apps, and using them on browser, it will definetly bore you.😉 

4) Using the night light on phone when on bed.  

5) And most important create your will not to touch phone for a definite period.  

Take care,  

Otherwise, the illustration shown here will definetly turn into a real evil one. 

Thank you. 

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