Sunsets and Minimalism

Sunsets and Minimalism

Sunset Photography minimalism Photography

Shooting sun is as fascinating as watching it. Everyone among us wants to capture the moment despite this process takes place every single day. 

If one begins with the beauty of sunsets and sunrises, it will take just another day but will not come to end. Let's look for another aspect of this photo-

Minimalism is another subcategory of Photography. Here the subject is as small or the composition is as less as possible. In the Photograph, I have expressed the sun as the tiny subject in the bottom, but the sky is textured with colours. We can also use minimum colours to represent minimalism Photography
The concept of 'Less is more' is best suited for this genre of Photography.

One more thing I want to express that other than the powerul impact of this genre, it doesn't require any costly gears and cameras. Also this is shot on Mobile Camera.

Thank you.

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