Happy New Year 2019, A must read before taking any resolution

Happy New Year 2019, A must read before taking any resolution

Here it is, 2k19... With new opportunities, new friends, new enemies, new excitement, new emotions, new worries and an endless list. But, the choice is yours to choose new enemies or new friends, to accept new excitement or new boredom, and to accept the happiness or worries.

First of all a very Happy New Year to all.

Happy new year 2019

The most common word in the December last and early January is the resolution. Everyone take new resolutions to make a new habit, or to dissolve the bad one. But literally most of these resolutions end by the third or fourth week of January itself.

Psst! I will present a strong formula, obviously my view, to extend your resolution period.

First of all assure yourself that it is not only the new year you had to take resolution, every day is the new begining, everyday a new ray of sunlight hits your temple.
My advice is not to wait for the first of January to start for something, just decide on bed and start following what you wanted from the next morning, that's it.

Second and the most crucial point is to avoid taking resolutions for a whole year. Set small targets, small goals, with a small time period of a month, a week, a day or even an hour. These small targets are the easiest, most helpful but the most challenging ones.

Ok, I dare you to put aside your phone or laptop for 15 minutes, sit silently, meditate and then come and complete this article.

Do it now.

Well you are still here, look it's most challenging, but deep down you know it was a very easy task. And the most important aspect of these small targets is that you are able to achieve them. The motivation and the  happiness you receive after accomplishing these targets will be outstanding, and allow you to set a new and a little bigger target.

Reward yourself after achieving every target, like, take yourself to an icecream parlour and enjoy your victory. Aint these little things will make you happy?

Anyways, new year is at your door and you would be definitely deciding to start something new, some new habits, gymnastics, dieting, to quit smoking or drinking. Isn't it?

And in the last, here is a list of some new habits you should inculcate in yourself that would definitely bring some positive result in a week or in a month.

1) Gift yourself a personal me time every 24 hours-

And what to do in this time?

  • You can stretch yourself and exercise a bit.
  • Avoid mobile for some time and think about your future.
  • You can meditate for a couple of minutes or more, and I must tell you that meditation doesn't need a proper space, any yoga mat etc, just sit back, relax and start focusing on your breaths, or anything that takes your mind away from the distractions.
  • Take yourself to an early morning walk.

2) Read-

Make habit to read any productive book, any article, any biography or anything that enhances your personality. Start with reading a page a day, and develop this habit.

3) Save time-

  • You can avoid your favorite videogame for a day.
  • Wake up half an hour earlier from as usual.
  • Or sleep half an hour late.
  • After class or office, come directly home.

4) Utilize this free time-

  • Do whichever tasks make your soul happy in this free saved time.
  • Spend time in orphanages or old age homes.
  • Take your bicycle and explore new places.
  • Develop a new hobby.
  • Learn any new language.
  • Join gym.

Happy new year 2019
Mobile Photography
Clicked in an outdoor foggy night

5) Assess yourself-

The most important task is to assess yourself daily. Maintain a diary, write up every above mentioned task that you feel good for you and tick everyday. Do this for a week. And keep adding new activities to perform every week.

Well very less of you are reading this article till now. Anyways these are my views only, it's all up to you to follow or not. But I must say following only 50% of it will bring a positive change in your lifestyle, and believe me these are some of the most easy ones to follow.

 And here is your first blank page of 2019, write a good one.

 Thank you 🙂

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