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International Day of Disabled Persons

Disability day
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What do you think what disability is?
Physically handicapped?
Mentally disable?

You might not be physically or mentally disable but what about ethical disability and your disabled attitude?
According to a study some 35-45% people think that disabled people are not productive as compared to others.
Only these kind of attitudes or better say disabled attitudes create obstacles for people with physical or mental impairments.

"Disability need not be an obstacle to success".                              - Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking

Also this wheelchair bound scientist was proof of his quote. And i dont think his achievements need any mention.

United nations international day of person's with disabilities is observed on 3rd of December every year. It is observed to focus on issues that affect people with disabilities.

I want to give an example of a lady who was pushed from a running train that leads to amputation of her leg below the knee. And do you know what she achieved after this tragic accident?
'World's first amputee climb to Mt Everest.'

And not only Mt Everest, she had already done 5 more peaks-
  1. Kilimanjaro (Africa)
  2. Elbrus (Europe)
  3. Aconcagua (Argentina)
  4. Kosciuszko (Australia)
  5. Carstensz (Indonesia)
Her name is Arunima Sinha.

Arunima sinha
Arunima Sinha

I dont think if anyone has courage to put a finger on ability of someone after reading her lifestory.
And also there are no excuse left for anyone to think that disabled people are lesser in productivity or talent compared to others.

In a speech at TEDx, Aradhana Lal (vice president- Sustainability initiatives at Lemon tree Hotels ltd.) shared why their organization believe in inclusion of disabled-
  1. Access to a large talent pool
  2. The level of creativity they bring
  3. Kind of productivity is as good as or better than other colleagues
  4. Frame of reference changes for everybody in their team 
  5. Engagement at a new level
  6. And most beautiful of all, it is about real life.
Various NGOs and our Indian government are also doing their best such that even a single disabled person should not feel alienated. And a good way to deal with them is inclusion of them in your companies, organization etc, not because of any sympathy towards them, but to increase your productivity, hunt for talent, greater creativity and so many beyond ordinary qualities.

I want to conclude this article with an excerpt from the wall of a very inspirational person for me and most of us - Vivek Singh, he is a doctor by profession.

I wanted to be sportsman , a Cricketer to be specific , when I was in my initial childhood , then I wasn't completely aware about the kind of shitty jerk polio virus is , and how it f**ks the muscles of limbs via acute flaccid paralysis and by destroying motor neurons, so I was positive , I used to run , excercise and sweat myself in the morning and barring school hours , all I did throughout the day was to play cricket , with my friends in colony and also alone with the wall of my roof top .  I used to copy Rahul Dravid , because my Papa used to say he is more technically sound than anyone in the game .
     Then as I aged into my adolescent years , reality and paralyzed muscles of my leg started slapping my spirit and positive point of view , but stubborn as I am , I  never left the fight against the reality , I kept trying and I kept loosing , everyday . There were days when I felt completely lost and as the weakest personality in this world . Those were worst of my days , I kept trying and I kept loosing , everyday , one day at last the reality won , or I perceived it to Win .I was run out , running a second run , at least my brain thought it to be but the legs didn't . I wept the whole month , and then I met another gentleman in BHU , who had the similar gait as mine , and he made me realize we all are players of a bigger sports , We call it Life , and we all have to play that sports , we have to play it hard , fair and tough .
     From that day onwards I have kept trying , I do fail , I do loose but the one thing I don't do is to let reality stop me from trying to beat it .

Is life difficult ?
Yes .
Is life unfair ?
Definitely .
Is the fight in sports of Life worth it ?
Obviously , that's what a Sportsman does . 

वो जानता था वो कभी मैराथन या सौ मीटर नहीं दौड़ पाएगा , 
ना ही वो क्रिकेट में कभी थर्डमैन , मिडविकेट , कवर या प्वाइंट पर फिल्डिंग कर पाएगा , 
और ना ही वो फुटबाल का कभी अच्छा विंगर , मिडफिल्डर या फॉरवर्ड बन पाएगा , 
ना ही वॉलीबाल में कभी सेंटर या स्मैशर बन पाया वो , 
और इसमें उसकी गलती भी नहीं थी , 
वो चाहता तो हीनता में थोप देता सारे दोष जिंदगी पर , 
और नाउम्मीदी का दामन थाम , बुजदिल बन  
डिप्रेशन में गिर कर दे देता जान , 
मगर , 
उसने चूना अड़ियल , बेशर्म और बदतमीज  होना , 
और कलम को पेज पर दौड़ाना , 
विकेटकीपर बन, "ना-उम्मीदी" को स्टंप करना , 
गोलकीपर बन पूरा डाईव मारके दो-तीन हीनता के गोल सेव रोकना ,   
और "मौत" के स्मैश को "जिंदगी" के बाजुं से थर्ड लाइन से उठाना । 

- राही

I think these lines are enough for anyone to perk his/her motivation, to do anything and to achieve anything, and also best lines to conclude this article.

A last line from my side- 'The only disability in this world is your bad attitude, and also it doesn't come with any wheelchair'

Thank you.

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  1. What an inspiring post! Thank you for sharing. I work for a visually-impaired person and her insight, wisdom and advice have changed my life. I don't think of her as disabled, she has the capability to make everyone see themselves in a new light & her selflessness is beyond measure. Greetings from Finland! I recently started blogging at, if you're interested I'd appreciate the visit and perhaps some feedback!

  2. Thanks a lot🙂 keep doing good works, I will definitely visit and subscribe to your blog.


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