How to do the Composite Photography

Well, apart from the title, this post will focus on my single composite photograph.

Composite Photography
Final image

This post is specially for all those who were asking me for how I have composed this Picture.

This is known as composite photography, well not very informative... We combine different visual elements from various different sources into a single image, more often to create an illusion, thats a composite photograph.

This image is built very easily as u will realize this in the last.

First of all, I must tell u, this bicycle (subject) is one of my best gifts. Moving on, I have taken this shot in the early morning on my hostel roof. The diffusing sunlight of early morning served as studio lights, I also don't own them as well.
Specifications are-
ISO - 800

Later on I carved out frames of some smartphones, among 5 of them, one is mine, and they were arranged after 3-4 attempts to look better.

Composite Photography
Image before using picsart

After arranging the smartphones on the bicycle, I head towards use of PicsArt.
Magic effect is used and erased from full image except one phone frame. Later, 4 different times, different magic effects are used to create different effects in every phone frame (as u can observe).

Colours were adjusted again using only Photoshop Express and it is served hot to you all on my insta account -
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