How I have composed this award winning picture

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How I have composed this award winning picture

Bird Photography, composite Photography, silhouette photography
Final Image

This Photograph is a jury 1st position in an online photography competition by Olympiad.
This image comprises of three subcategories-
1. Composite Photography
2. Bird Photography
3. Silhouette Photography
Composite Photography, as the two images are combined to form this image.
Bird and silhouette Photography, as the image says it all.

Both the separate pictures were taken in early morning with the zoom camera, to enlarge the sun and to capture the bird.

Photography settings-

silhouette photography
ISO - 100
Shutter speed - 1/2000
Focal length - 197mm
  • Silhouette is better captured in early or late in a day. I have taken this in early morning.
  •  Unlike other genres, here we have to adjust our self first, then the subject.
  •  Go for a lower ISO
  •  Always set your aperture to more than 8 to reduce chromatic aberrations from sun.
  •  Increase your shutter speed such that your subject get underexposed.
  •  One very important point is metering- use spot metering.
ISO - 100
Shutter Speed - 1/500
Focal Length - 48mm
For more Bird Photography description, visit-

As the second photograph has nearly plain background, there was no problem in blending the above two photographs.

In post processing, four points were worked upon-

  • To Saturate more.
  • Polishing the image.
  • Increasing contrast.
  • Adding blacks.
And the image is completed :-)
I hope you like it๐Ÿ™‚

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